Disque 12": i8COPS Vol 1

Titre:i8COPS Vol 1
this 4 trackers by the man called Absurd showcases the different styles that make Bass music today :

- a dancefloor shaking Dubstep track : Denver, wich features a mad wobble going over a erath wombling sub bass and crispy drum patterns .

- a 4x4 bassline banger that has nothin to blush on compared to what goes on in Sheff' & has received allready some good lovin' within the bassline scene : u aint ready !

- a fidget angry wobbler with baltimore breaks that still manages to avoid the typical blog house going on these days : original but still a club crusher ! : Fidget Lee

- and last but not least a remix from Sa Bat' Machines huge gispy Dubstep anthem "Sylvia" , this remix gave the tune a 4x4 rebuild with a bubbley wobble and precise dub harmonic reworks on the guitar parts & breaks .

and to finish the slaughter the Larry print (a.k.a french booty bass mogul Kaptain Kadillac) cover halfways in between comics style & traditionnal muppet French character Guignol .


Titre Auteurs Style Durée Extrait
a1 Fidget Lee Fidget   extrait
a2 Denver Dubstep   extrait
b1 U Aint Ready Bassline 4X4   extrait
b2 Sylvia (Absurd Refix) Dubstep   extrait

styengi / 0.3 / styengigen / l1Go4Cfi87

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